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Types of vibration sensors

Types of vibration sensors

vibration sensor

Vibration sensor is used to detect the position of metal products by the eddy current effect formed on the metal when the metal object is close to the oscillating inductor which can produce electromagnetic field. Because the effect of eddy current effect of different metals is different, so the detection distance of different metals is different, especially in the face of all kinds of alloys, the ordinary inductive proximity switch appears to be inadequate, which requires manufacturers to work hard to improve product functions.

Vibration sensor firstly induces vibration acceleration, and then integrates to get velocity and displacement, but acceleration and displacement will be affected by frequency. At the same time, the national vibration standard is called vibration intensity, which is the effective value of vibration speed.

Classification of vibration sensors

According to the principle of electromechanical transformation: electric, piezoelectric, eddy current, inductance, capacitance, resistance, photoelectric;

According to the measured mechanical quantities: displacement sensor, speed sensor, acceleration sensor, force sensor, strain sensor, torsional vibration sensor, torque sensor.

Commonly used vibration sensors

Commonly used vibration detectors are displacement sensors (mechanical), speed sensors (electric), acceleration sensors (piezoelectric crystal) and so on. Vibration detectors are basically surface-controlled detectors. The common ones are Mercury, heavy hammer and steel ball.

Function of vibration sensor

Vibration sensor plays an important role in measuring and other mechanical rotations, and it is also very important in our industrial production. But in the application of engineering, there are always deviations, large or small, caused by various reasons. At this time, we have to adjust the instrument. Or prevention before the incident.

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