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Shipped today—CZ9300 integrated explosion-proof vibration transmitter

A total of 16 CZ9300 integrated explosion-proof vibration transmitter were shipped today,which were purchased by "OMNI OFFSHORE TERMINALS" company in Singapore .Thanks for your trust in our company.

CZ9300 integrated explosion-proof vibration transmitter (explosion-proof grade: ExiaTT CT4) is a piezoelectric sensor independently developed by our company, which corresponds to 4-20mA current output.

CZ9300 uses piezoelectric ceramic chip signal source and its various indicators meet the requirements of ISO2954-1975 and GB13824-1992. Based on the acceleration sensor, it adds a built-in precision integration circuit to achieve the output of the speed, and has the characteristics of excellent dynamic characteristics, wide frequency response, long service life, small appearance and exquisite appearance.

In addition, this product has excellent characteristics such as wiring fault tolerance protection, good stability and strong anti-interference ability. After being pushed into the market, it has received favorable comments from customers.

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