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Congratulation--we obtained the national trademark registration certificate

Recently, the English trademark "cz-vibration" of Shanghai Zhenzheng Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. was successfully registered in the trademark management department and obtained the trademark registration certificate, which marked that Shanghai Zhenzheng has taken a substantial step on the road of national brand internationalization strategy. step.

Shanghai Vibration Measuring Automation Instrument Co., Ltd. has been committed to vibration monitoring of equipment assets for many years, and actively develops and produces solutions that ensure the efficient, safe and reliable operation of mechanical equipment.


In 2011, Shanghai Vibration Measurement officially launched the CZ9300 piezoelectric vibration sensor, which opened up a broader prospect for the domestic high-quality industrial vibration sensor industry; CZ9300 integrated vibration transmitter through the built-in high-sensitivity ceramic components, collecting mechanical equipment ( Such as water pump, motor, compressor, turbine, etc., real-time vibration, and through the precision circuit integration, amplification, output 4-20mA standard signal, processed by the receiving end to identify. Excellent military quality has also won unanimous praise from consumers at home and abroad, and has won high recognition from customers.


Under the background of the country's encouragement of high-tech development, Shanghai Zhenzheng has always insisted on pioneering innovation and research and development. At present, the 4G wireless sensor project based on the Internet of Things NB-loT model has been officially launched, achieving remarkable results.

In the future, Shanghai Vibration Measurement will accelerate the pace of scientific and technological research and development, vigorously develop domestic and foreign markets, and add brilliance to China's independent innovation and technology industry.

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