CZ910 Dual channel vibration analyzer

CZ910 Dual channel vibration analyzer

Rotation Speed: 120-60,000 r/min

Input: Accelerometer & Voltage for velocity or displacement sensors

Measure Acceleration, Velocity, Displacement, Voltage and Acceleration Envelope

Balancing by the method of influence coefficient

Vibration value accuracy 5%

Operating Environment:


Normal temperature sensor Environment:


High temperature sensor Environment:


Frequency response for vibration overall value & Spectrum:


Hanning windowed Spectrum

Measurement Range & Resolution

Acceleration   250m/s2      0.1m/s2

Velocity         200mm/s   0.1mm/s

Displace        5000 μm     1 μm

Envelope       25m/s2       0.1m/s2

Laser tachometer

Size: 210*130*40mm

Weight: 950g(including battery) 

collector & balancer interface:



1 or 2 plane On-site Balancing

50 sets storage of balancing data

Process clarified by vector graph

Trial weight estimation

Trial can be removed or remain

Balancing weight can be decomposed

            to 2 required positions

Rechargeable battery for more

            than 8 hours continuous operation

Dual-channel vibration Analyzer

1024 lines FFT spectrum

Acceleration envelope demodulation

Auto-range or manual-range for impulse vibration measurement

Storage: 400 vibration value sets & 400 waveforms of 1024 samples

Sftware  analysis spectrum

Chinese or English language operation, 4.3 inch Color display

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