YD30 Acceleration sensor

YD30 Acceleration sensor

With the use of advanced microelectronic processing technology and capacitance measuring principle, it can obtain excellent low frequency responses, adjust the transducer by gravity acceleration.

Range of Application:


● Equipment vibration measurement: YD30 Accelerometer is widely used in various industries equipment working condition monitoring. The vibration value when the device is running is an important index for measuring the equipment running normal or not. YD30 Accelerometer can measure the vibration value from direct current to 2KHz, the output signal will give an accurate visual instructions for equipment’s amplitude by filtering and detection.


Impact measurement: Widely used in automobile airbag and seat belts system. YD30 Accelerometer will be impact when a crash happens, then it will output a pulse signal that in proportion to the impact acceleration within 1 ms, when the impact acceleration reaches a certain value, the signal will make the airbag outbreak or lock the seat belt to protect the people in the automobile.


● Dip Angle measurement: When accelerometer is placed gradient, the output value of accelerometer is the component of gravity acceleration on the accelerometer gauging spindle, it means there is anti-sine functional relation between output and slant angle, when the slant angle is small, it is linear relationship approximately.

● Measuring range:  50mV/g……5V/g, 20mV/g-3V/g

● Non linearity: 0.2% FS

● Frequency response(Frequency range): 0 ~ 20kHz (-3 dB)

● Resolution: 0.05%

● Working temperature-20-+80℃

● Excitation Voltage:  15-30VDC

● Current Excitation : 2-10mA

● Temperature drift: ≤0.01%℃(-20+125℃)

● Maximum impact tolerable: 10000g

● Output: 05 V

● Protection grade:IP64

● Housing material:stainless steel

● Weight: about 40g

YD30 Accelerometer is based on capacitive measurement principle to measure acceleration. 

 Its output signal is proportional to the acceleration. The diagram is as follow:


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