YD9200 Vibration velocity sensor

YD9200 Vibration velocity sensor

vibration Velocity Sensors are mainly installed on the bearing cover of a variety of rotating machinery, such as turbines, compressors, fans, pumps, etc.It is the electromagnetic sensors that output voltage by moving coil cutting the magnetic line of force, therefore, the work does not require power supply and easy to install .

●  Installation location :Vertical or horizontal mounting on the measured vibration point, putting the M8×1.25 screw magnet on the bottom of the sensor adsorbed on the test case, then tighten the sensor on the top.


● Installation dimensions and specifications:Ref Picture 3(installation and protection of the speed sensor),If the sensor installation position eroded by the high-temperature steam, in order to decrease the ambient temperature of the sensor, protective measures is required. Under normal circumstances, protection is not required.


● Use and Insulation Requirements. Sensor output is floating groundnumber 1234 is marked the on the plug and socket which connect sensors. Considering solid and reliable connection of wiring

respectively taking “12” “34” short circuit and use together. “12” as terminal A of the sensor signal output“34”as terminal Bwhile connecting with other equipment, AB is interchangeableno need to distinguishConnecting wires required to have good insulation properties, two-core shielded cable is appliedone side shield layer of the cable is hung in the air, the other side connected with ground . Screw M10 is equipped for sensors installation.

● Sensitivity: 20 mV/mm/s     30 mV/mm/s


     ● Frequency Response51000 Hz

                                      101000 Hz (Optional 

     ● Deviation: 10- 300HZ < 2% 300- 1000HZ < 4% 

        Automatic Vibration Frequency10Hz


     ● Amplitude can be measured≤2mm(P — P)


     ● Maximum acceleration10g


     ● Measuring directionVertical horizontal dual


     ● Operation Temperature-40100 (-40150customized


                  Relative Humidity ≤90%


      ● Dimensionφ30×70mm


      ● Weight: about 400g

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