CZ9300 4-20mA vibration sensor

CZ9300 4-20mA vibration sensor

Anti-explosion integrated vibration transmitter is our latest developed micro-transmitter with a small and exquisite appearance. It consists of piezoelectric sensing element with measurement, conversion, integral, amplification, transmission and other major circuits, all the indicators accord with standards of "ISO2954-1975" and "GB13824-1992".

●mainly by the piezoelectric sensor and measurement, conversion, integration, amplification, transmission and other major circuit components;

●Its indicators meet the requirements set out in "ISO2954-1975" and "GB13824-1992";

●Based on the original piezoelectric accelerometer, a built-in precision integration circuit is added to realize the output of the speed measurement, which has the characteristics of excellent dynamic characteristics, wide frequency response, long service life, small and exquisite appearance;

●This product has fault tolerance protection, good stability, anti-interference ability and other excellent features;

 Technical Parameters:

   Measuring  range :  0 - 200mm/s  



 Output current: 4 - 20mA 

Frequency response:  5~1000HZ  2~2000Hz  10~500Hz

Speed direction: from the bottom to the sensor (forward direction)

Ambient temperature: -40 - +85

Suply voltage: +24vdc

● Shell material: stainless steel 

● Can withstand the largest impact: 2000g

● Mounting thread: M5, M10*1.5 thread or customized

Piezoelectric material: PZT-5

Output way: two-wire (one for +24VDC power supply and one for 4-20mA output)

Accessory: calibration certificate parameters; a mounting screw; an aviation plug cable (standard: 3m, can be customized)

● Explosive-proof grade: Ex ia llB Ga NO.:CNE×12.2768

●Dimension Parameter


● Parameter Selection Table


 A Measuring type

01:V:Vibration velocity



Vibration range

V:Vibration speed

01:0--10mm/s     02:0--20mm/s   ....   09:0--90mm/s

D:Vibration displacement

01:  0-100um     02:  0-200um     .....  09:  0-900um


01:  0-10g          02:  0-20g      .....    09:  0-90g

Mounting thread

01:M10*1 .5

02:M5*0.8  03:M8*1.25   


05: Magnetic base  

06:Special customized

Cable length




Lead way

00(k):Directly lead

K:means armoured

01: Aviation plug

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