YD280 Digital vibration sensor

YD280 Digital vibration sensor

YD280 Digital signal vibration transmitter is a low cost vibration sensor ,which with DSP digital signal processor and RS485 digital interface. The mechanical vibration signal can be directly converted to digital waveform data, and through the RS485 interface of the sensor is transmitted to the computer. In order to make the sensor suitable for the wet environment, we select with stainless steel waterproof shell.

Technical parameters:

Vibration sensor : Piezoelectric type

Sensor type :Acceleration

Vibration measurement range:-50g~+50g

Vibration resolution:12 digit

Frequency range:10~5KHz(Acceleration)



● Sample rate:12.8KHz

Dynamic range:<70dB

Nonlinear:0.2%(Full range)

Data interface:RS485(Standard industrial)

Maximum Networked Sensors:64pieces


Working temperature:-40/~+85/

WeightAbout 450g

Material:304 stainless steel

Technology Selection Table:

YD280 A□□-B□□-C□□-D□□-E□□

      A     Measuring Type

01 Vibration velocity  02 Acceleration  03 Displacement  

B    Vibration Range

01: 0~10mm/s  02: 0~20mm/s  03: 0~30mm/s  ..….  09 :0~90mm/s


01: 0~10a   02:0~20a  03 :0~30a  ……  09:0~90a

      Vibration Displacement

01:0~100um  02: 0~200um  03: 0~300um  ……  09: 0~900um

C     Thread

01 :M10*1.5  02: M5*0.8  03: M8*1.25  04: Magnetic Base  05: Customized

D     Extension Cable

01 :1m  02 :2m  03 :3m  ……  10 :10m

E       Lead Way

00(K) :Directly Lead(K means armored)   01 :Aviation Plug

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