YD62 Explosion-proof speed sensor

YD62 Explosion-proof speed sensor

YD62 Explosion-proof speed sensor using hall effect.It was made by magnetic resistance as sensing elements . It is a new type speed sensor. Core component is the use of magnetic resistance as the detection element, and then through a new signal processing circuit to make noise reduction, function better.

● high sensitivity, high reliability, long life, long trigger distance;

● trigger signal is iron (soft) magnetic materials;

● long distance transport, strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability;

● good impact resistance and vibration resistance.

● Signal frequency: 0~20 kHz

● Operating Voltage Range: 5 ~ 26V ( DC )

●  Load resistance≥1.0kΩ

  Detection distance: 1 ~ 4mm ( A3 steel, lectrical steel )

                                    5~10mm(Magnetic steel,magnetic consistent during installation)

● Module of gear: m≥ 1

Gear material: A3 steel, electrical steel 120

Output signal:

Waveform: a rectangular wave

Amplitude: High level:U-0.7(Supply voltage)

   Low level:<0.1V Maximum output current 20mA,nothing to do weth rotation speed.

Working temperature:-40~+120

Mounting screw: M16 x 1 ( or customize)

● Explosive-proof grade:Exiall BT6 Ga

Dimension Figure: 



parameters of gear

Outside diameter of gear: 99.3mm; Number of teeth: 60; modulus: 1.57

( above data is the parameters of one example, modulus can be from 1.5 to 2 )

when install the sensor, make the red LED in the stern perpendicular to the surface of gear and root of outgoing line connected.

outgoing lines of the sensor are red line as power wire, black line as ground wire and white line as signal output wire.


Because it is easy to use and install, good generality, so it is widely applied in many fields. Especially in low speed or super-low speed non-contact detection, it has the characteristics that other sensors cannot reach, which fills the gap of magneto-electric sensor with the measurement range 50~5000Hz in domestic (detection distance is only 0.5 mm; proximity switch cannot detect small mould teeth); in middle high speed non-contact detection, it can replace Hall switch directly.


A Thread mounting






06:Special customized

B  Shell length





C  Lead way

00(K) Directly lead

   K:means armoured

01:Aviation plug

D  Cable length





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