CZ9900 Digital eddy current sensor

CZ9900 Digital eddy current sensor

original analog output based on the evolution of digital signals a kind of eddy current displacement sensor. Can be connected with various types of eddy current sensor probe, the eddy current sensor displacement signal, the transmitter linearization, normalized, converted into digital signals output by the RS485 mode.

with the company's eddy current sensor probe supporting, or market compatible models of various types of eddy current sensor probe;

● the transmitter uses a unique equal accuracy measurement method to ensure that the entire measurement range RS485 set within the high-precision;

● two alarm control relay output, alarm parameters can be set;

● the use of imported integrated circuits, strict screening of components and parts; 100% aging and testing of the whole machine to ensure high reliability transmitter;

● a unique anti-electromagnetic interference technology and software failure recovery technology to ensure the normal operation of the transmitter in a variety of harsh conditions;

● with RS485 communication interface, to network work;

measurement resolution: 16-bit A / D converter, the sampling rate of 10K;

measuring range: -19.999 ~ 99.999mm;

measurement accuracy: 0.2% × range;

the frequency range: 0 ~ 1KHz (-3dB);

alarm output: Relay normally open, load 3A / AC250V or 3A / DC30V.

power: DC24V.

the maximum power: 1.5VA.

"the best temperature coil temperature matching parameters" technology to ensure good probe temperature stability;

the probe adopts the new PPS engineering plastic through the "secondary injection" process to ensure good probe sealing, dimensional stability and interchangeability, the working temperature range is extended to -40 ~ + 175 ;


● standard




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