YD9800 Eddy current probe sensor

YD9800 Eddy current probe sensor

eddy current displacement sensor can measure the relative position of the measured object (must be a metal conductor) and the probe end. Because of its features of non contact measurement, long-term high working reliability, high sensitivity, strong anti-interference ability, fast response speed and no oil-water and other medium influence.

● " the best parameter matching of coil temperature stability" technology ensure a good stability of probe temperature;

● using the new PPS engineering plastics through" two injection" technology to ensure the good sealing of the probe, dimensional stability and exchange ability, working temperature range expanded to -50


● " deformation connection" technology, higher strength and reliability of probe;

● " deep negative feedback stability resonant loop" technology, make the preamplifier stability reach (0.05%/,0.02%/year );

● according to the American military standard design and produce, preamplifier can work continuously in the environment of -50+105;

● Proximitor circuit adopts the fault-tolerant design to ensure that any wiring errors will not make damage;

● Proximitor uses the latest electronic technology, power consumption is lower than 12mA;

● The shell of the proximitor adopts die casting technology, high frequency socket concave, wiring terminal mosaic protection and engineering plastics insulated structure, in order to make the preamplifier more solid and more convenient to use and install.

● Advanced phase frequency characteristics of the testing and control method of the proximity sensor makes YD9800 series products are in the international leading level in the dynamic characteristics.

It is widely used for online monitoring and fault diagnosis of displacement, vibration, rotational speed, the oil film thickness of the steam turbine, hydraulic turbine, generators, blowers, compressors, gear boxes and other equipments in the industries of electric power, petrochemical, metallurgical and so on.

Technical Parameters:

● probe:working temperature is -50 +175°C.temperature drift ≤0.05%/°C;

● preamplifier:working temperature is -50 +120°C.temperature drift ≤0.05%/°C;

● frequency response:0 ~ 10kHz; amplitude frequency characteristics: when 1kHz, it is -1%; when 10kHz, it is -5%; phase frequency characteristics: when 1kHz, it is -1 degree; when 10kHz, it is -100 degree;

● interchangeability:error≤5%

● resolution ratio:0.05%

● IP grade:IP68

● shell materisl:Stainless steel (materials can be changed according to user requirments

Standard Installation


Reverse Installation

( a ) usually use a sleeve fix it on the machine


(b) φ50 commonly used methods for probe


the cable side out Select it when the installation of axial space is small, usually fix it with the clamping block


Flange Mounting

Select it when the installation of axial space is small, fix it with bolts


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