YD9820 Two-wire axis Vibration transmitter

YD9820 Two-wire axis Vibration transmitter

Mainly used in online real-time measurement of radial vibration of rotating machinery rotor shaft. Output shaft diameter to vibration. Early detection, alarm and protection of rotating machinery, so that the machine's operational life lengthened, shortened maintenance cycle unit.

Vibration  range: 0-2000um (p-p) Original signal output buffer:-2~-18v,maximum                      

● Transmission distance:1000m

● Temperature drift≤ 0.05%

● Working temperature:(-50 +175

● Power Supply+24-35 VDC, maximum operating current≤50mA

● Connect probe: 8mm eddy current probe

● Current output: 4~20mA

Maximum load: ≤ 750Ω

Frequency response: 4.0~4000Hz(±3dB)

● OK Instruction: Green light ON

Dimension: 90(W)x35(L)x70(H),  35mm standard rail mounting(compatible with BN300XL series,

 Sub plate mounting 51x51mm, 4pcs M4*12 Screw

● lnstall the gap voltage:8-12VDC

● External probe:Coaxial cable interface

 Output buffer:-2~-18VDC

● Linear error:<1%Fs

● Range: The user selects



● Connection Diagram:


  Conditioning monitor:

  Monitoring a rotor radial vibration, including shaft vibration and rotor swing etc..


Measures unbalance, asymmetric, and loosen parts resulted in high vibration.

  Typical application:

  Widely applied to vibration monitor of various rotary machines such as turbine, fan, compressor, motor and pump etc


  Need an additional eddy current proximity probe and an extension cable to build a measuring system, and the system should be installed on safety site.

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