YDYT9800 Integrated eddy current probe sensor

YDYT9800 Integrated eddy current probe sensor

Integrated eddy current probe sensor is widely used in electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, machinery and other industries, monitoring the shaft displacement, shaft vibration, shaft speed and other parameter of the large rotating machinery for long-term,

● Non-contact measurement, never worn;

Anti-interference ability, high reliability, long life;

Operating temperature: -50 ~ +120 ℃, Temperature drift 0.05% / ℃;
Output format: three-wire voltage or current output.;

Frequency Response: 0 ~ 10kHz, amplitude-frequency characteristic 0 ~ 1kHz attenuation is less than 1%,  0 ~ 1kHz phase difference is less than -10 °;

 power supply: -12 Vdc ~ -24 Vdc(Minus voltaga output form sensor power supply)

                               +12Vdc ~ +24Vdc(Current or voltage output form sensor power supply)

Ripple when measured gap is constant, the maximum output noise peak-peak noise): sensor output ripple of the voltage output forms is less 20mVsensor output ripple of the current output forms is less than 30uA;

Load resistance:750Ω, maximum current 40mA, maximum drive signal cable length 300m; 4 ~ 20mA current output sensorthe maximum load resistance is about 500Ω, maximum load resistance with output change -1%;

.IP Grade:IP68;


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